Plants are a great way of brightening a room, and many have the benefit of purifying the air you are breathing as well. It is important to think about where the plants will be positioned as some prefer light, whilst others grow better in shaded areas, and some like a bit of both! Visit us in store and our team will be happy to provide help and guidance. 
Happiest in direct sunlight – Many plants originating in hot climates are genetically suited to high levels of sunlight and work well in south facing rooms and conservatories without scorching. Go for plants such as aloe vera, fig leaf trees, money trees, mother in law’s tongue, yucca, and ZZ plants 
Cactus - Cactus and succulents come in many shapes and sizes, and grow best in areas with lots of light, high temperature and low moisture. A free-draining compost is recommended. 
Happiest in shade – Plants that thrive under tree canopies in the wild can make great indoor plants, thriving in shady areas with low light levels. Perhaps surprisingly, many of these plants are bright and vibrant in colour. Go for plants such as aspidistra, calathea, dragon trees, peace lilies, prayer plants and spider plants. 
Pots & planters – We have a great selection of pots, planters and hanging baskets for all of your indoor plants needs. Come see us to see, and please ask for help and advice if needed. 
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